1. Cricketbows - Just a peek behind the curtain at The Diamonds in Cincinnati - First session working on new album for 2014 with Producer/Engineer, Brian Olive (Grammy winner, former Greenhornes, Soledad Brothers).


  2. "Little tiny houses, great big TVs…"

  3. fightingwithsidewalks:

    #Cricketbows #canalpublichouse #Dayton

  4. The revised poster! 

    Feb. 22nd - 2014
    Cricketbows with
    M. Ross Perkins and Any Gabbard (Buffalo Killers) 
    c. Wright’s Parlour Tricks! 

    Psychedelic freakout!!!

  6. A Night of Psychedelic Rock - a 21st Century Be-In. 
    Feb. 22nd, 2014 - Dayton, OH
    @ Canal Public House



  8. We recorded some demos recently that stood up and took on a life of their own. Support came down the line from Captain SIB (Scotland) and Power Popaholic (USA) to make the release happen. Two free songs - that are a preview of some of the songwriting on the next album. These versions are high quality, fantastic sounding tracks but they are to be re-recorded for the next album. Enjoy. Free the music.


  9. Going to be doing some exclusive giveaways through MTV soon! Keep an eye peeled…

  10. Hey Colorado! Are there any 420 friendly live music venues in your newly freak friendly zone? We want to some play for you!! 

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